Day 107

Discovered Gideon's pharmacy sells this Parisian Brand Water Mist that I like :)


Day 104

Movie night ending with a nerdy Supermoon viewing. Pretty awesome to see the HD rings of the moon edges. 


Day 100

Happy 100th Day! My Moment Lenses finally came, after waiting for over 5 months from Kickstarter.. So excited, can’t wait to test these out. These are heavy, pretty well built, great packaging so far. I got a wide and tele. #iPhone #lens #happy100days #mobilephotography @moment_lens @moment 


Day 98

Reminiscing the weekend. I went to Michael's to check out a quote for framing two Eboy posters that I purchased a while back. They quoted me about $400+ per frame. Looks like I will have to get a little bit more creative with this one..


Day 97

Taking a break today from my work schedule and decided to get the WholeFoods Lunch buffet and sit out in central park and eat. This dog really likes me, .. or rather.. my lunch.

Day 96

Having a productive Saturday and Sunday. I time blocked out my entire weekend to get some work done. This morning I walked to Balducci's and ordered an Iced Cappuccino. The guy made it hot. I asked for a cup with ice, so I can just pour it over and not waste the coffee.. he insisted in correcting his mistake and now I get 2 cappuccinos. More coffee the better! woot!

Day 95

After work today, I shamelessly went to Sephora and painted my nails at their free Nail booths. I didn't spend a dime with this manicure. I got to try out some new colors from Deborah Lippman, and I really love the gel effects! ;) Sorry blurry pic..

Day 89

Weekend trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Newport Mansion houses from the Vanderbilt's family. This is a view on a drizzly day.