Five Sites that Inspires Me

My current design environment and focus are in the development of a product, user interface design, iOS design, and marketing advertising. My main inspirational sites that I visit on a daily basis are Behance and Dribbble, which everyone is familiar with. My inspiration usually don’t come from work that are similar to mine, but manifests after perusing different mediums that I typically don’t use. In order to be a better and well rounded designer, being able to dip my toes into a little bit of everything allows me to generate new ideas and keep my creativity fresh in the field.

Altucher Confidential.png

James Altucher

My biggest inspiration at the moment is James Altucher. I discovered him via Quora and I listen to his podcasts, subscribe to his writings, and learn about his personal experiences about being successful in both career and personal life. We work in silos during our day jobs, churning out designs based on client demands, and following someone else’s vision. In order to achieve greatly, you need to back away from your project and see how your work fits into the universe of things. Altucher shares about how to be a better communicator at your craft, how to master what you love, and most importantly, the importance of saying “No” to difficult situations but still come out on top.



Colossal has quality curated pieces that features designers in art, design, photography, and culture. What sets this blog apart from other sites, is the curation of artists that work with extremely detailed and time consuming mediums. The sheer hard work and perfectionism of these artists really give me a new perspective and pushes me to think even more outside of the box. It also engages me to create works on a monthly basis, to achieve the same level of attention and passion in every aspect of my projects.


Rifle Paper Co.

This whimsical ecommerce husband and wife website features a lot of vintage, playful, and casual type products that are extremely charming. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Bon Voyage collection featuring a lot of excellent hand-painted illustration work with strong attention to detail. All the products are carefully selected to showcase consistent quality and brand for the company. I’m also a big fan of the product image shots and the clean UX/UI interface.


Lovely Package

Being able to present product vision to your consumer in a beautifully crafted experience, have always been an important goal of mine. It’s not an easy task to create consistent, quality experience and propel creative vision through branding and tactile touch of packaging design. When a product “gets it right”, creating that intimate storytelling from beginning to end, I can’t stop to notice and appreciate the details.


Vimeo Staff Picks

Motion graphics and visual effects in video have always fascinated me. It was one of my dreams as a designer to be able to work as a visual effects artist. I took AfterEffects courses at SVA in NYC and never had the chance to truly work in this medium in a professional setting. This is one of the areas that I’m pursuing on a personal level to challenge myself in a medium that I’m not familiar with. In UX/UI design on the web and mobile devices, you have the chance to do user based testing, and revise your product based on user interactions and feedback. With art mediums such as video and fine arts, you have full control and responsibility of conveying the emotions that you want the user to receive. The idea of crafting that deep emotion and inspiring your audience, is something truly inspiring to me and fuels my drive. On a weekly basis, I turn on “couch mode” on Vimeo  and watch Popular Vimeo Staff Picks. I feel that Vimeo has a good level of artistic curation that Youtube just cannot compete with.