Bucket List

Written 2014

  1. Be a mentor to someone that wants to be mentored
  2. Create a Passive Income System
  3. Have a set of 100 icons that I can be proud of
  4. Learn to create Modern Calligraphy / Typography by hand. Hand Lettering
  5. Illustrate My Day: Complete Icon Symbol Set
  6. Simple Character Animations in After Effects
  7. Interior Re-Decorate my Living Room and Office. Downsizing my clutter.
  8. After Effect work on my Mobile UI Mockups
  9. Paint an Oil Painting
  10. Be Featured on FWA
  11. Do a Hike
  12. Revamp my finances and save enough money for 1 year of unemployment
  13. Make a Landscape Timelapse Video
  14. Take Photos of Auora Borealis or Milky Way in Iceland or Arizona
  15. Improve my writing skills, grammar. Create 5 well written pieces, good enough to post on Medium
  16. Create an entire physical brand identity and packaging on food, just for fun.
  17. Cold Contact Hollywood Agencies and create 5 movie websites
  18. Create a Sci-Fi User Interface Kit
  19. Create my own iPhone App
  20. Travel to Thailand. Remotely work on laptop on the beach
  21. Travel to Bali, Indonesia
  22. Travel to Bora Bora
  23. Travel to St. Martin
  24. Travel to Santorini, Greece
  25. Travel to Maldives
  26. Travel to Europe
  27. Travel to LOTR in New Zealand
  28. Travel to Fiji
  29. Improve my patience.
  30. Getting in Shape, creating healthy habits.
  31. Listen to more audio books, read more articles.
  32. Create a better relationship with my parents, relatives
  33. Learning to say “No” to things without guilt
  34. Run a half marathon without stopping to rest.
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