Catherine Lo is a product designer experienced in
Art Direction & UX/UI Visual Design.

In 2006, I left home for the big apple, in hopes of becoming a great designer that I one day dream of. Fresh out of college, I embarked on New York City with a backpack and $600 dollars in my pocket. With the help of my cousin for letting me stay over her apartment, I began my ten-year design journey learning everything under the sun. From agency co-brand marketing promotions, direct marketing optimizations to building UI/UX/Product Designs for front-end, responsive, and mobile platforms. My passion and unlimited drive for exceeding my personal goals have allowed me to work in fast-paced, multi-facet environment with attention to detail and execute successful project strategies and deadlines.

I’m currently the Art Director at Felix – IAC NYC, where I design and mold the product and user experience of an intelligent advertising solution for businesses using voice transcriptions.

On my spare time I over-indulge in photography, video gaming, reviewing makeup products, cooking, and dreaming about traveling. I also have a Scottish Fold named Blu. If you want to know more about actual design and work, check out my resume here.